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Peer pressure has always been one of the motivators or the influences on the consumption behavior of the children. However with the change in the social dynamics with both parents and older siblings unavailable at the home for consultancy, the children are being reared up by their own friends and peers.As a result they tend to hang out with them more often. This positively influenced their purchase decision and consumption behavior particular to their lifestyles and the brands that they buy in the market. This is relevant in the fast food market as well as they are basically based on the children as their primary target market.

The fast food companies have also invested in increasing the budgets for advertising and for promotion based shows targeting children. “The result is that whenever your 6-year-old son turns on the television, day or night, he’ll find programming for and about himself and his peers. He’ll see ads that literally speak his language, like the out-of-the-minds-of-babes “Got Milk?” campaign targeted at the wee ones. He’ll encounter hundreds of kids-only brands, whose meanings he’ll sort out on play dates and in the schoolyard as he interacts with peers who watch the same channels he does. He’ll be able to inhabit a whole world in which adult tastes are entirely absent.” (Goldman, 1998)

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Essay: Peer Groups and Children Consumption
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