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Martha Stewart has a rags and riches story where she has been able to establish herself as an international brand targeting women of multicultural backgrounds with her products and services. However there exist many people who love to hate Martha Stewart.Part of the reaction of people to Martha Stewart can be attributed to the fact that she has been able to attain a high level of recognition, popularity, wealth as well as success through her business ventures while being a woman. This has raised many strong opinions against her from the members of the other sex. Aside form this the insider raiding allegation and the resultant conviction through trial where she was found to be guilty of insider trading have portrayed her in the negative light to people who have developed strong feelings against her. “Love her or hate her, Martha Stewart has risen from a simple start in Nutley, New Jersey, to a top college to super-stardom. She’s the power woman that people love to hate.

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Essay: People Love to Hate Martha
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