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The second factor is personal beliefs and attitudes of women and in Table 2 (See Appendix) it shows that women respondents on an average strongly agree to the fact that women want to achieve higher positions in their jobs and they strongly agree to the fact that women should get job recognition and become a role model for their children and balance their work and family life to be successful.

When talking about hitting and breaking the glass ceiling one has to make sacrifices on the personal front (Riper). Gender biasness is one of the reasons which prevent women to break the glass ceiling. Men just don’t want women to get ahead of them. Globally, too we see that men are more focused to get high post jobs than women. (Dominguez). Even ambitious women don’t measure their success by high job titles and salaries; they are more focused on developing good relationships with their colleagues and giving back to the community and giving fair time to their family (Dominguez). They want to be satisfied with their work and pay but also want to be satisfied with other things they value in life. Sometimes women just take different career paths and want to take out time for their children or are even planning for career change which stops them from breaking the glass ceiling. Women bosses whom we would think would sympathize with women and their diverted responsibilities are tended to be stricter when compared to male bosses.

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Essay: Perception of Women at Work
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