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The problem that is faced by the Lebaen restaurant is that the restaurant has been a high performing, five star restaurant operating in the rich cosmopolitan city of Sydney. People have come to consider the restaurant as one of the best in its class and there expect their every visit to be excellent to the point of perfection.

However the staff of the restaurant has major issues specific to taking their excellence and the quality of the food and the service for granted. Their attitude of the food and service as being a given, has made the restaurant suffer in the recent months with dramatic decrease in the quality of the food, the quality of the service as well as the hospitable environment of the restaurant. This has resulted in a change in the customers’ and clienteles’ perception about the expectorant from being a high profile, and high performing five star restaurant to a restaurant with mediocre food and service quality. This has decreased the traffic coming into Lebaen and in order to retain the stars, the reputation as well as quality if the food and service, dramatic and immediate action has to be taken by the management at the Lebaen. “At one level, regarding foodservice as a theatrical performance encourages managers to ‘put on a show’– to use staff (actors), processes (scripts) and physical evidence (props and sets) to enhance the customer experience. If, however, the metaphor is applied in a deeper way where the customer is seen not as the audience but as a participant in the show, then the managers’ role becomes one of providing the space in which the experience is co-created; a stage on which the customer is the star, and the staff the supporting cast.

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Essay: Performance of Lebaen Restaurant
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