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During the course of the subject of manufacturing engineering we were exposed to the different aspects of operations and production management and how the external environments and legal issues influence the operations of a company. The planning, designing and the development of the processes pertaining to operation management explored.

The specific project pertaining to this dissertation pertaining to applying the principles of the Toyota production system to the other areas of the automotive industry supply chain has enabled me to better understand the automobile industry operating on the global scale as a whole. The history of the automobile industry was already exposed to me but the specific practices undertaken by the companies operating in the industry were new to me which enables me to formulate the relationships between the historical as well as the current performance of the company on various levels. On a personal note I have attained more knowledge form the professionals working in the automobile industry as well as the scholars and researchers who have already conducted in-depth research on the automobile industry and the Toyota production system about the importance of lean operations in a business and how various methods can be employed for making a business effectively waste free in order to reduce the costs associated with operating the business.

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Essay: Personal Research; Toyota Production System
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