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The following personal statement is a narrative on my personal choice of the programs for mechanical engineering and energy at the University of Maryland.

The past experience that has been undertaken by me in the form of research, internship, studentships as well as professional experience in the field has been provided as we; as the current plans for professional careers in the sector of engineering and energy. The benefits of taking a course in ,mechanical, engineering and energy at the University of Maryland are provided, as are the future prospects that are currently aroused by me in terms of advancing in my chosen field of study and profession.

My history of education in the field of engineering and sciences goes back to my bachelors degree which was a diploma bearing degree in electrical and computer engineering from theUniversityofPatrasinGreece. My time at the university I attended 72 modules with specializing work on the topics pertaining to robotics, hypertensions & lightening rods as well as industrial and automatic control systems. Moreover my final university dissertation was based on the functional programming of the power mechanism of CNC machines that are used for industrial processes and manufacturing. As a student in theUniversityofPatrasI have organized the publication of the magazine of my department and have written many articles in Greek relating to robotics and their use in the contemporary society. At the same time I was also elected as a president of students in my department, a fact that gave me the opportunity to organize many events in order to familiarize the students with issues related to electrical engineering and computer sciences.

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Essay: Personal statement for Mechanical Engineer
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