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The time spent in military service allowed me to actually observe the use of technology in practical instances. Additionally it also highlighted the need for integrative and innovative technology that is present in the market specifically pertaining to the alternative decision making and supporting systems and the use of robotics for the utilization and exploration of renewable energy in today’s world.

The education attained from the University of Patras gave me insight into the academics and the research taking place in the industry pertaining to the field of engineering, life & health sciences nd the environment while the practical experience allowed me to observe the practical application of the concepts and the research available on the subject. This further provoked me to pursue more activity and knowledge in the current fields of interest as highlighted. In my endeavor to contribute to others seeking information pertaining to the fields and the subject matter I also published journals and articles based on my university dissertation in the ‘Technically annals’, a monthly scientific magazine and the article “Why P/V’s?” in ‘Magazine of Hellenic Association of Rural and Surveying Engineers’, another monthly scientific magazine. Additionally an article on the topic of The CNC machines in the Defense Industry” was also published in the scientific magazine of ‘Defense and Diplomacy’.

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Essay: Personal Statement Narration
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