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Before embarking on making any changes, the entire current process flow of the restaurant and its reception, dining area and kitchen operations need to be evaluated.

For this the a regular operating day needs to be observed from a third person perspective to determine which operations are having backlogs and where the service starts falling apart. However in order to carry out this exercise, the staff needs to be unaware of the observation to provide a realistic result.

The second step that needs to be taken is to take the results form the observation exercise and sit the staff of the restaurant down for a business meeting. The staff needs to be told about the results of the observation and their feedback specific to their reactions as well as their reasoning for the poor service and quality needs to be heard out. However it must be stressed that in the restaurant business the service quality that is delivered to the customer is all dependent on the product and the person presenting. This takes into account the attendee, the kitchen staff as well as the reception staff all of who come together to create an experience for the customer

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Essay: Plan of Action adopted by Labaen Restaurant
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