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Diverse workforce is a phenomenon which is frequently occurring in the changing business environments. With the dramatically changing social cultural environment and the demographics, the aging population inAustraliahas been significantly growing.

Faced with aging populations, companies like Westpac are having been implementing plans for inclusion of aging population into the staff and workforce. This strategy that was developed by Westpac was to achieve cost effectiveness and efficiency from hiring older aged employees. The reason for this was because they depict lower costs of recruitment, along with lower training costs (Robbins and Coulter, 2006) as they are experienced professionals with significant knowledge of the field. The company has been planning towards the inclusion of not just the older aged employees as but is also working towards employing more ethnic groups like aboriginals and the Pacific highlanders while also increasing the number of disabled employees like those who suffer from hearing impairment. Aside from this building a business case for employing a diverse workforce and planning for a reward based recruiting (Tipper, 2004) can help manage an environment in the organization which encourages diversity at the workplace. Moreover the move towards employment of a diverse workforce needs to be taken as an initiative which aims at fostering a productive and beneficial environment which represents diversity By planning for the establishment of organizational support of the diverse workforce, the perspective of the organization as well as the people at the company can be positively altered to make them effectively committed (Leveson et al., 2009).

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Essay: Planning for Diverse Workforce
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