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The current government in theCzechRepublicis a ‘coalition government formed by the Civic Democratic Party (ODS) and led by Mirek Topolanek, the prime minister.

The ODS is in coalition with two smaller parties, the Christian Democratic Union- Czechoslovak Peoples Party (KDU-CSL) and the Green Party, and controls only 100 seats in the 200 member Chamber of Deputies (the lower house of parliament)’ (‘Czech Country Profile’, 2008)

Like most of the Eastern European countries,CzechRepublichas a history of communist rule. The country was liberated in 1945, and since then has undergone many political conflicts, specially in the 1950s and 1960s. This resulted in the events of the year 1968 which came to be known as the Prague Spring. Alexander Dubcek initialized economic reform in the region along with the democratization of the government for freedom for all. However the country was still highly influenced by the communist attitude and the communist culture in the following years. In 1989 the country formed a democratic government through the employment of the velvet resolution. Following this is in 1993, the formerCzechoslovakiapeacefully split into two countries,SlovakiaandCzechRepublic. Since then theCzechRepublicas well as its former stateSlovakiahave both undergone significant development in terms of privatization of the industries to make them friendlier to foreign investors and increase foreign direct investment in the region.

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Essay: Political analysis of Czech Republic
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