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The companies that lead the market for Spirits inPortugalinclude Pernod Ricrd which ranks as the third largest spirit manufacturer in the works and the largest in Portugal.The HQ for the company is resident inFranceand the company has round about 80 different spirit as well as wine based brands. “For the fiscal year ended December 2003, the company generated revenues of $5,068 million” (‘Spirits Industry Profile:Portugal’, 2004). The company that secures the second leading position in the Portuguese spirit market is Diago PLC which is also a worldwide operating alcohol beverage manufacturer. The company has its headquarters in London and is responsible for the world’s highest selling premium brands like Smirnoff and Captain Morgan.. The third leading company in the market is Allied Domecq which is engaged in the business of distilling, manufacturing spirits as well as operating restaurants. The forth leading company in the Portuguese spirits market is the Bacardi Limited. “Bacardi is the world’s best selling rum manufacturer. In the fiscal year ending March 2003, the company generated sales of $3,100 million.” (‘Spirits Industry Profile:Portugal’, 2004)

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Essay: Portugal Spirit Market
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