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The positioning of the products by Quartz would be conducted by placing the brand name of Quartz amongst its competitors in the market. The placement would be on the higher quality and affordable prices scale where a range of local as well as cross cultural and classic Quartz product lines will be made available to the consumers.The price of the products provided to the consumers by Quartz would be determined using the market dynamics specific to the Czech market as well as the propositions of the headquarters inAustralia. The pricing strategy of the company however would be to keep the prices low and affordable for the mass market inCzech.

The assumptions that have been employed for the operations of the Quartz Company in theCzechRepublicpertain to the fact that the company will be starting its operations in the region as of 200 and will be employing the merger/ acquisition strategy for market entry.

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Essay: Positioning of Products by Quartz
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