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During the post implementation phase company faced two major problems. The first problem was the frequent change in project management since every now and then the project manager was changed therefore it resulted in a conflict of working styles and values therefore leading to further conflicts between the manager and the consultants.This resulted in the inefficient implementation of the system. There was a lack of knowledge transfer between the manager and the consultants. This caused delays and problems in the post implementation phase since end users could not use the system as desired due to inefficient and ineffective implementation of the system. In this phase the contract with vendor proved to be ineffective as well confirming the fact that the entire implementation of the system was a failure. Maxima bought a number of licenses beforehand assuming they would be enough but they were proved wrong so they had to buy more with which the vendor gave the company a tough time. Moreover, the maintenance contract was not paid attention to initially because the management assumed they would not need vendor support in the post implementation phase but of course with the ineffective implementation and even otherwise vendor support in the post implementation phase is vital. The renewal of this maintenance contract had a cost of $45,000 thus it was not affordable so the renewal of the contract was ignored. This eventually led to the ultimate failure of the implementation of the ERP system in Maxima.

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Essay: Post Implementation Phase of ERP
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