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For the purpose of this dissertation the tools of interviews and questionnaires have been employed to gather primary information about the two companies Unicer and SCC. The interviews are the main option employed for data collection as these provide knowledge of the day-to-day operations of the businesses.

They are close to reality and thus their insight very useful to this research.  The interviews however were only feasible with the Unicer Company as the management from the company was available for discussion and correspondence. The management from the SCC Company however was not available mostly due to issues pertaining to their schedules and the constraints posed by their location inPortugal. The interviews were conducted inPortugaland they were composed of a set of objective structured questions which can be compared between the business for reliability and validity. So that interviews are un-biased or miss interpreted, these were translated by an individual other than me.

In order attain information and data form the SCC Company, questionnaires had to be used. These were sent to both companies in order to attain specific and detailed level of information. Questionnaires were used as they can provide insight in other areas which are not necessarily in main ground of research such as subsidiaries, executives, etc. Because time was a major constraint and availability to do in-depth interviews was unfeasible. These questionnaires were design in such a way so as to be objective, promote user friendliness and promote response. These questionnaires were dependent on the progression of research but aside from that it was also important for them to be valid and reliable, they must be comparable. Moreover they were heavily pursued in order to get a response from both companies.

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Essay: Primary Research Data on Beverage Industry
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