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Through the primary research that we conducted, the results were quantitatively extrapolated through statistical methodologies to arrive as conclusive results. The resultant data form the analysis depicted that the main reason as to why the parents chose to give in to their children’s demands and invest in fast food meals was due to lack of available to time to cook and at home and the feasibility to buy the meals on the way through drive-through.

The convenience was the main reason as to why the parents opted for fast food meals. However on the whole they were significantly more focused towards healthy eating and as a result tended to compensate for the unhealthy fast food meals by providing their children with home cooked and healthy meals at home whenever possible. Some even restricted the money provided to the children if they started spending too much on fast food items.

The things however which seemed to hold the most appeal for them was the toy in the kid meals offered by the fast food vendors.

Also when asked which was their favorite restaurant (fast food), the children always mentioned McDonalds. Moreover the McDonalds mascot of Ronald was the most easily identified and recalled symbol of the company. The survey also indicated that the children were 57 percent of the time influenced by their peers and their special groups when it came to choosing a fast food outlet for their ‘outing’ or meal dining out with friends.

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Essay: Primary Research on Consuming Kids of Fast Food
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