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The principles of e-tailing can be categorized as per the function of the business and its online portal/ website. These include sales, support, customer demand fulfilment, shipping, billing and invoicing, warehousing as well as distribution (‘Building and Managing Websites’, 2000).The principles dictate that in order to commence an e-commerce establishment an e-tailer first has to plan out the business type, the product and service offering and how its plans to conduct transactions with the customers and deliver the products to them in a safe and secure manner. Aside from this the e-tailer also has to ensure the authentification of the purchases being made and the tracking of the bills and invoices for the customer as well as for business records. Additionally an interface with the ISP (Internet Service Provider) and a banking institution is also required. The principles of e-tailing provide that a good e-tail business should have a site that directs the potential customer to itself, provides high quality information about the products and services and provides support to the customers while being interesting and engaging the attention of the customers (‘Building and Managing Websites’, 2000).

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Essay: Principles of E-tailing
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