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The principles of the Toyota Production System pertain to the following

Reduction of Setup Times:

The process of setup is considered to be wastage of time and effort in the Toyota Production System as it makes no contribution in terms of value to the organization and tends to take up time, resources as well as labor and equipment. The Toyota Production System proposes that the management and the people in the organization should be trained handle setup on their own which can result in the reduction of the setup times.Production based on Small Lots:

When involved in the production process using large lots, the set up costs and overhead costs are larger in terms of capital cots for high speed machinery as well as management of inventory, and procurement lead times. In the Toyota Production System the inventory management costs and the procurement lead times are eliminated by just in time procurement of supplies. The company can therefore take advantage of minimal costs by using smaller lots in the production.

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Essay: Principles of Toyota Production System
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