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The primary problem that has been identified through the situation analysis of the company pertains to the fact that the company is unable to market itself to the global market as a single company offering a diverse range of products and services.The high degree of personalization and the monotonous interface makes the Amazon service seem more like an online bookstore or a music store, as compared to what it actually is, an online retail store. There is a large discrepancy between what the company actually is and what it is perceived as by the customers. can make develop a completely new brand based strategy for itself in which it is able to incorporate all its business partners. The benefit of this strategy would be that it would be addressing all its niches. The cost however would be that the brand image of the company might suffer from the change and the target market might understand the new image. Moreover it would be a highly costly solution for the problem.

The second alternative available to Amazon is to develop a single portal through which the consumers can access the diverse products offered. This option would means the company will have to integrate its products and services with its partners as well as with its competitors. The competitors of the business would be gathered through the portal and links will be provided to them. The benefit of the strategy would be that this option will enable the company to reduce competition while establishing better relationships with the partners of the business. The costs of this alternative are minimal as an online portal does exist and only slight modifications are required

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Essay: Problem and Solution for Amazon’s Strategy
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