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The problem identified is the lack of brand awareness in the target market, weak product positioning and weak market positioning of the UTC Plc company. The research methodology that is going to be used to identify the successful marketing strategy is that of the qualitative historical research which is based on the examining the marketing strategies employed by the successful retail market companies in US, Europe as well as those which operate in the region of Nigeria. The diverse geographic regions will be targeted to determine the effect of the regional culture on the type of marketing strategy adopted by the companies in the retail market.

The research questions for the dissertation are as follows:

  • Identifying the marketing strategies which can be used in retail market
  • Understand how a marketer can excel in a competitive environment
  • Enlightening the general public on the strategies that are being employed by retail institutions like the UTC Plc

The dissertation can also be useful source of information for future managers who wish to become marketing, retail or merchandizing managers in the retail industry.

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Essay: Problem Statement of Dissertation on UTC Plc
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