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As mentioned earlier no experiment was conducted in the study, therefore no experimental units were applies. However a primary research was conducted using questionnaire based surveys administrated by the researchers themselves.

The questionnaires were designed such that the first section focused on determining the perception of the respondents pertaining to the choice of medicine and the factors which influenced their decision making. The second section of the questionnaire highlighted the use of the Chinese medicine specific to the different ailments. For this a bipolar scale was used for the responses. The third section focused on the factors specific to the decision making of the respondents. These respondents were limited to accessibility, safety, reliability, influence of the family and effectiveness. The data analysis was conducted using frequency distribution and t tests to test the identified hypothesis. Pearson’s correlation tests were also performed. Additionally multidimensional scaling was also used for determining the similarities and differences in the selected factors which affected the choice of the healthcare for the respondents.

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Essay: Procedure of the Study on Medicine
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