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The Grant Group is a food products provider to the likes of super markets and food retailing companies. The company has about 20 buying specialists in who operate using the traditional and the conventional procurement procedures. As a result in the dynamic and competitive market, the company has low margins to operate with.The procurement agents in the company operate on a face to face contract dealing basis most of the time. However some form of technical expertise is used by the company. a fully established technology based solution is not used as the staff at the company has varying degrees of competency in information technology and computer system skills. The data transfer currently in the company is performed invoicing manually for the market enquiries, the quotations, purchase orders as well as shipping and dispatch details. For this hardcopies of the documents as well as softcopies on mails and facsimile are employed in the operations of the business.

The business of the Grant Corporation is such that the business purchases materials form a range of suppliers. Some of the suppliers have very sophisticated management systems for the supply while others are still based on the redundant and old legacy systems. The role of the IT function in the company has been to improve the customer interaction based systems while the operations of the company have not been migrated to innovative business and enterprise management systems. It is recommended that the Grant Group should implement the e-procurement solution as the benefits attained by the company in terms of more reliable procurement operation, efficient and cost effective business processes as well as leverage it would provide the company in the market and the industry outweigh the disadvantages and risks the company is exposed to.

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Essay: Procurement System at Grant Group
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