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Wendy’s is launching its new Frosty Float with a Nintendo Wii giveaway—800 Wiis, 800 Wii games and 800 Wii point cards. Its Kids Meal choices now include turkeyand ham sandwiches with mandarin oranges and low-fat yogurt with granola as sides. And McDonald’s saw a 7.4 percent increase in sales last month, partly due to its “Shrek the Third” Happy Meal promotion.”  (Pellegrini, 2007) Similarly, aside from the fast food restaurants the other restaurants are also updating and changing their menus specifically targeted towards a healthy child and appeal for the children. “A lot of media attention has recently been placed on the revamped children’s menus at Walt Disney theme parks (which include carrots or grapes as alternatives to French fries, arroz con pollo and baked chicken leg in an Asian-style sauce) and Ritz-Carlton Hotels (chefs have more leeway with the menus), amongst other hotel restaurants. But Siegel suggests the new options are for older children, not little ones under 5 years old who are less adventurous.” (Pellegrini, 2007)

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Essay: Product Development in Fast Food
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