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The coca cola brand is a classic and well known brand in the market. The brand was establish more than 12 decades ago and since then has been able to maintain a position for itself in the market which is of significant importance. Moreover despite the age of the brand, the product of coke and the brand of Coca Cola has been with us as a market leader is not only its specific industry but also as the brand which has the highest brand equity in the world. The position of dominance of in the global market attained by Coca Cola and its product of Coke motivates us to discuss this specific product and brand in the specific context of this paper.

Many people consider it to be in the growth phase, while others looking at its exceptionally long product lifecycle state that it is in its maturity phase. The truth however is that the brand of Coca Cola and its product of Coke are in a constant switch between the growth and the maturity phase.

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Essay: Product lifecycle of the Coca Cola
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