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The total product modification costs for period 1 is £ 72,000. The features of the product have been increased in period 1 and they shall be increased further every year since our strategy is to develop the product and provide the best to the customers but in period 5 the special commands and level of error rate shall be decreased a bit since in period 5 our strategy shall be low cost in order to maintain a low price of the product.Special commands were initially supposed to be 11 but in the years 2, 3 ,4 this feature increased to 16 since the strategy from being high quality yet affordable moved to being one where a lot of innovations were being done to satisfy consumer needs. Also that in year 3 the focus moved on to managers and typists segments of the market due to which features had to be increased. But the desired profits were not acheieved due to which in year 5 the commands reduced to 14 in order to follow a low cost strategy to provide products at a lower price.

The level of error rate was initially 4 and it increase in year 2,3 to 7. In the year 4 it rose up to 9 whereas, in the year 5 it dropped to 8 for the same reasons as feature 1 fell in the last year. The strategy was such that in the years 2, 3, 4 change was the most important aspect of the strategy and in year 5 the strategy changed to a low cost strategy, hence the drop in the level.

Level of ease of learning was initially 4 and increase to 5 for years 2 and 3. Whereas, in year 4 it rose up to 9 and remained the same that is 9 in year 5. The level of ease of learning could not dropped anyfurther to save costs since the consumers would not accept it and it might cost a share of the market.

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Essay: Product of Premeter 3
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