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A uniform production facility design should be maintained to increase control over the operations and make them more predictable and manageable. The Parker Company will have to concede to some change in the production procedures and facilities as per the local laws and rules governing operation in the local market as well as the demand of specific product lines.

Those products which are more in demand in certain markets will be more focused upon when setting production lines in the local markets.  It has already been identified that the company needs to have a product specific approach to managing its business while still maintaining centralized decision making for its global operations. The products need to be managed by the company according to the market preferences. The case depicts that the products are being managed according to the markets, however control needs to be increased through a uniform business and product strategy derived for the global operations of the business. Research and development needs to be invested in by the company to develop new products while the current products of the company need to be managed as per the local market positioning and preferences of the consumers as well as through global marketing strategies derived by the centralized head office.

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Essay: Production Development at Parker Company
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