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There are several components manufacturer that are single sources for the products they produce. Also, many tier-one suppliers are physically located close to the production centers. These trends suggest that supply chains in the industry can best be represented as ‘integrated networks’. In sum, each manufacturer has complex networks of 800 to 1000 firms, and there is some overlap between these networks, especially upstream where there are many common suppliers.” (Singh, Smith & Sohal, 2005)Through the research it was determined that the application of the Toyota Production system is feasible for not only the management of the inventory management system but also the management of the distribution system for the finished motor vehicles being produced by the company. Conclusively it should be mentioned that the approach taken by the companies towards a upper level as well as a lower level supply chain management is very realistic however the companies need to better understand their own business processes before they apply the concept theToyotaproduction system to their operations. The upper level supply chain management pertains to the supply chain management in terms of the inventory management which is performed by manufacturers, the suppliers, the resource providers and the logistic transportation service providing agencies

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Essay: Production Management in Automobile Industry
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