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The Toyota Production System dictates that the management should focus on decisions which are oriented towards long term financial goals development and planning, instead of focusing on short term issues.

The main philosophies of the Toyota Production System pertain to the right process producing the right results. This deals with arranging a process flow which is continuous and helps highlighting any problems that may be inherent in the system. Moreover the Toyota Production System makes use of the pull system to avoid the incident of overproduction. The workload is equally distributed instead of rushing in a portion of the production process and then increasing the lag time for waiting in other stages of the production process. The Toyota Production System also enforces the concept of fixing the problem as and when they occur in order to not compromise the quality of the products and get the end result right in the first time. Standardization is used to control the production process and ensure continuity while visual controls are used to determine problems to keep them from remaining hidden. In terms of technology only the tested, proven and reliable technology is used to facilitate the production process and the people employed in the process.

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Essay: Production System at Toyota Company
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