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There are many researches and developments to enhance the finger printing technology and to make t advanced in order to enable the use of the technology in the field of medicine and forensic science.

Computer systems and scanners have been developed which scan the whole hand of the person and identify the unique points of identification in the pattern. Aside from this 3D scanners and visualizes are also developing which can project the  three dimensional virtual versions of finger prints which is especially useful in the case of latent finger prints.

Finger printing technology is now being used by security tools and service proving companies as well. SID is an “antitheft device developed by the company SID Protect. The launch is marked in the wake of statistics provided by the National Insurance Crime Bureau that a car is stolen every 26 seconds in the U.S. SID antitheft device uses biometric fingerprint technology to ensure that only authorized users can operate the vehicle. The car’s owner and up to 20 users can be stored on the device.

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Essay: Progressions in Fingerprinting
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