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Promotion is done through two ways in thisindustry since research proves these are the most effective means. The two ways include personal selling through salespeople and advertisement to create brand awareness.

Personal Selling

Personal selling is selling through well trained salespeople. The sales force is trained to identify and add in new dealers, to sell through these dealers, to drive maximum sales etc. Sales management is essential in maintaining effective relationships with customers and enhances relationship marketing to create a despicable brand image which is the basic driver for increased brand loyalty. A good salesman must think out of the box and it is their duty to help the customer find the best product. If the salesman is able to attract the customer with his skills then the next step is influencing the customer enough to create brand loyalty. Further brand loyalty can be cashed at every step of the selling process. The number of salespeople in the first period as planned were 15 each in both channels earning a 7% sales commission. The salary for the salesforce in both channels as planned is £ 300,000 which totals to an annual salary of all 30 salespeople to £ 600,000. Our company has set no firing costs which means we will not be firing any sales person. This is because by regulation each fired sales person is to be given £ 5,000 and this is charged from the marketing budget. In case, a sales person is not working up to the mark we plan to move them to another channel or in other words re-assign their duty since re-assigning duties has no cost. Developing long term relationships with dealers and the sales force isessential to drive sales.

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Essay: Promotion and Sales at Premeter 3
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