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The company should reevaluate and reassess the performance of all its business functions. The supply chain and procurement segment has to be reviewed in terms of their efficiency, their performance, their costs as well as their appropriateness of contribution to the business objectives and goals.

Aside from this a single platform system will be have to be launched which will provide the company with the capability to have electronic transactions through electronic data interchange. The procurement system would be linked to the systems of the suppliers for the company. This will enable the company to keep track of shipments and dispatched goods which have been sent by the suppliers to Grant Corporation.

Specific requirements that will arise due to the system pertain to human resource, IT as well as technical training and hardware/ software requirements.

The human resource requirements pertain to hiring the technically skilled people to implement, manage and repair the e-procurement system. Internet and network administrators as well as e-procurement specialist consultants need to be hired. Aside from this the staff with redundant jobs will need to be either relocated or released from the company.

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Essay: Proposition of e-Procurement
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