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The consumers now want music files which they can download and run on their portable players. The other sites like iTunes and Virgin are providing such facilities to the customers,

while HMV is currently restricting itself by only allowing monthly subscription based download for music through The HMV jukebox which requires the customers to run them through specific application as well. In such a dynamic environment the HMV Company needs to be proactive and reach out to its customers by providing what they want in terms of an efficient, and updated music and media download service.

The most beneficial aspect of the ecommerce website for HMV is that it provides the company with exposure to a wider market and allows the company to increase its revenue. Moreover the company can also provide its customers with a value added services like special promotion discounts and free preview of the media that is available online etc. The company can also decrease the intermediaries present in the otherwise physical market between the business and the customers, resulting in direct interactions with the customers. Aside from this the societies and marketplaces the likes of My Space and Facebook can also be used to target specific niche target markets.


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Essay: Proposition of Ecommerce by HVM
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