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As a result the construction industry has had to make a balance between the environment and their building projects. However the UK government has passed several policies and legislature which are specifically designed to enable the construction companies in the sector to limit their activity ad employ bio degradable material and waste management procedures

for minimizing the impact of their operations on the wildlife and the environment As of 2008, specially projects that are of more than over £300,000 need to have an established waste management plan “The new regulations, which apply to a range of construction projects such as new build, maintenance, alteration or installation/removal of services such as sewerage and water, are intended to be self regulatory but will be enforced by the Environment Agency and local authorities. These enforcement bodies will have the authority to issue fines for non-compliance to the client; the person who is paying for the building work.” (‘Waste management plans for the construction industry’) The Hazardous Waste (EnglandandWales) Regulations 2005, clearly outlines the different forms of wastes that are to be considered hazardous and non hazardous. It provides for the transportation and the disposal of such wastes and the different types of fees and penalties that can be issue sin circumstances of non compliance.

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Essay: Protecting the Natural Environment
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