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A more appropriate type of segmentation which better suits the customers of the Body Shop is the psychographic segmentation. According to this segmentation the market is divided into similar characteristic based groups which are judged and analyzed according to the psychographic variables. These variables take the form of customer lifestyle, personality, values, attitudes, their opinions etc. The consumer action groups are a component of the psychographic variable based segmented groups. For the Body Shop, the psychographic segmentation would be based on the consumes attitudes towards the environment, conservation, clean atmosphere, sustainable development and their opinion about natural cosmetics and personal care treatments as opposed to the artificial, or chemical based products and treatment in the market.

Another relevant segmentation type that can be employed for the Body Shop target market pertains to the behavioral segmentation. This segmentation is performed on the basis of the variables which depict the behavioral of the market. These variables can take the form of brand switchers, brand loyal, decision making units, product usage rate, royalty and endorsements of the brand, the affiliations of the brand and its association and what effect to they have on the opinions of the customers.

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Essay: Psychographic segmentation by Body Shop
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