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This assignment is based on TESCO Plc. After a basic background to the study a financial ratio analysis will follow. The ratios shall be calculated and then the analysis of the ratios will follow. The basic impact of the analysis on the organization shall be included followed by future predictions for the organization on the basis of the analysis.The basic reason to choose TESCO is that it has a good reputation in the market with customers flowing in continuously. It will be interesting to find out the reasons to the success of this organization and how it has managed to pull so many customers. TESCO is huge and it’s a multinational working pretty well in the market compared to its competitors. The organization has a worldwide staff figure of 468,508 with 4,308 stores worldwide. Their markets include particularlyChina,CzechRepublic,Hungary,India,Japan,Malaysia,Poland,RepublicofIreland,Slovakia,South Korea,Thailand,Turkey,UKandUSA. Thus, TESCO is serving 14 markets worldwide. This is a huge business and a financial ratio analysis will be interesting to develop which is the major reason for taking this organization as the focus of study. The organization is a public limited company so it has its stock and annual reports available for access thus a financial ratio analysis is always feasible for a PLC that keeps financial records public and intact. Thus availability is another major reason for choosing this company of focus (Harrington, 2004).

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Essay: Purpose of research on Tesco
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