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One of the best tools to train and develop the staff as well as to improve their performance and service quality is to call regular meetings before the opening time and discuss the performance of the individual staff for creativity, readjustments as well as consistent delivery of high quality performance.

The regular staff meetings “ensure effective staff communication in response to the growing ethnic diversity of the food service workforce. Language barriers are tough to overcome in food service operation, from staff communication and delegation of responsibilities, food safety and security to preparation instructions and customer interaction” (Riel, 2006) The meetings are a “place to share information, sharpen skills and build staff enthusiasm. Tom Miner, a principal at Technomic Inc., a Chicago-based food and restaurant consulting firm, says that communication is key to a healthy culture, and that is what these meetings are all about. Effective meetings don’t just happen. They call for careful planning and creative thinking.” (Gerst, 2004) At such meetings new recipes can be discussed and the feedback of the customer can be discussed with the staff. Moreover any issues being faced by the staff can also be highlighted and brought to light for open discussion. A show and tell approach can be used whereby every staff member can be asked to act their roles as per their excellent performance and build on it for the business hours.

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Essay: Quality Improvement Decisions at Restaurant
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