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The main reason for choosing the topic of the dissertation ‘marketing strategy as a means of competing in retail business (UTC stores)’ is to comprehensively analyze and  provide recommendations on how companies in the retail industry can operate competitively while being profitable and successful.The benefits that can be attained by the retail industry from the dissertation pertain to a guideline of how the various marketing strategies employed and management decisions can affect the stakeholders of the company in the retail industry. As the dissertation is specific to the retail industry in the global market, the recommendation can be employed generally by any company operating in the market. Moreover as the recommendations provided are specially designed for UTC Plc, the company would be exposed to information about which marketing strategies can be employed by the company to reestablish its positioning the market and attain competitive advantage amongst its competition in the Nigerian retail industry

Aside from this the dissertation would provide substantial proof of my qualification for the MBA degree, therefore contributing towards enabling me to attain the degree.

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Essay: Reasons for Dissertation Topic on UTC Plc
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