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The region that is invested in by the wine and bar business is very suitable for the business as the local residents are satisfied which the area and its facilities.

Moreover the crime rate is very low and the only disturbances that do occur are from the youths which pertain to petty theft and vandalism. Moreover the location is of prime importance as the business would be having a steady flow of local as well as tourist customers. The centra lLondon location also provides the prospective patrons of the wine bar with commuting access to other regions ofLondonas well. As a result it is highly recommended for the business to open the wine bar in this location.

Deriving information through the data provided, it can be said the region where the business has invested in for the wine bar is relatively safe. The region provides different types of facilities to the people residing in the region and is much safe from heavy duty crimes. The crimes however which are faced by the residents in the region pertain to small petty thefts and vandalism of public property. These crimes are conducted by the youths in the region, which belong to local gangs. However they are reported to the authorities and the respective schools to bring about action against them. Through the research data we have been able to determine that it is very safe and convenient for the business to launch a wine bar here. The youths will have to be dealt with in term of restricting their access to the bar and the protection of the bar against their vandalism. However the already satisfied people living in the region and the constant influx of commuters and professionals who work in centralLondonto the region would be providing a profitable flow of customers for the business.  Therefore the business should launch their wine bar in this region.

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Essay: Recommendation of Research on Secondary Data of BI
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