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The strategic analysis depicts that the company should employ an aggressive approach in order to make itself more competitive in the market and to create a more favorable position to foster market growth for company in its regions of operations The recommendations for Estee Lauder are presented as follows.

  • Estee Lauder should strive to be more competitive, innovative and proactive
  • The company should invest in new markets proactively in order to increase market share through volume
  • The company should develop new products which target the untapped niche of the markets like a more exhaustive range of products for the older woman.
  • Develop on the Research and Development function to make it responsive to the customers requirements as well as make it efficient
  • Estee Lauder should make the R&D function at the company as one of the main strengths of the company
  • The company should also seek to target the customers through alternative channels of communication and customer touch points like the internet. The company can develop on online shopping in order to provide its products to its diverse customers through a single portal

The current position of the Estee Lauder Company is adequately favorable, however the current trends depict that the Estee lauder is facing slow market growth in Americas as well as declining growth in the hair care segment. Moreover the company has been focusing on customer loyalty only to drive its business. The company now needs to start being more proactive, more innovative as well as strategically competitive in order to reposition itself as the industry leader for personal care. The company can do this by investing in new markets as well as launching new and innovative products that proactively target the market.

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Essay: Recommendations for Estee Lauder
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