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In order to keep the profits high the company should encourage differentiation. The recent economic pressures in terms of the falling capital markets have greatly affected the consumer spending throughout the world.

This has impacted the affordability of the products for the Microsoft customers. The company should therefore customize the profits it offers in the different regions of its operation on a regional scale as well as according to the customer profile segments. By doing so the company would be implementing a discriminatory pricing policy but would also be encouraging wide spread use of its products by the masses. The total market share of the company would increase as it would be targeting all the segments of the market with customized product and service offering set at customized prices which increases the chances \of the sale. The overall demand of the products by Microsoft would therefore increase as they would provide higher utility and benefits for a reduced cost to the customers. Additionally the company would also be targeting social well fare by opposing the Olympian profit making global pricing policy and investing on differentiated products and prices which generate profits through the volume of sales. The monopolistic nature of the company would allow the company to effectively use the discriminatory and differentiated pricing strategies highlighted above.

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Essay: Recommendations for Microsoft Monopoly Control
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