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Currently in the case it is depicted that the operations of the Parker Company in the different regions were operating as independent silos. This needs to be changed and the subsidiaries of the Parker Company need to have a regional focus towards managing their products in their specific markets while still being multicultural.

However the global strategy for operations should be derived from the centralized head office of the company in theUS. This is to maintain control over the mission, vision as well as the business strategies in the international markets, while still having diversification in the local markets.

The recommendations that have been charted out in the above sections are more oriented towards the multinational orientation of the company in the international regions of operations as well as for the global market. The main problem that has plagued Parker Company is the lack of diversification of its products, the improper marketing strategies and orientation it has employed as well as the lack of control that the company has over its operations and market positioning in its regions of operations.
The multinational oriented strategies have been adopted in order to promote and increase control of the company in its international operation around the world with a global marketing strategy, global production design as well as global mission, vision and objectives. This also provides for the required diversification in the local markets of operations in terms of the marketing strategies employed for increasing sales of the products. Moreover the R&D also has to be established to identify new products which can fulfill the demands of the consumer sin the market for Parker Company and pens.

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Essay: Recommendations for Parker Company
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