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The following are the recommendations which can be talent into account for the planning for a diverse workforce in the organization and developing a leadership program. These have been listed in terms of their importance.In terms of planning for a diverse workforce the company should first develop and set a strategy which is focused on exploring and celebrating the diversity of its people by providing them with inclusion into the organization. The inclusion provided could be in the form of diversity oriented recruiting for the workforce which rewards the recruitment based on the level and the quality of diverse workforce they are able to bring in.

A woman in leadership program can be launched whereby the women would be facilitated to work harder, and strive to attain the positions of leadership in the organization. The women in the organization can be set in teams where they would learn through personal growth from expedience and independence of work and decision making while a mentoring program which would involve partnering them with mentors of both female gender who can teach them through practice as to how to become good leaders and managers.

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Essay: Recommendations for Planning for a Diverse Workforce
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