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The Starbucks Corporation is currently in the phase of adjusting and restructuring its operation, however its recent operation can be made much more efficient as well as effective by making the different retail shops centralized on a global scale.

While this is a very extensive task, relive can be found by investing in centralization of the training of the staff, as well as in the quality assurance, assessment and management of the products and services at the different retail stores. The coffee beans that are distributed and used by the company are of high quality and specialized for different target market segments; however the use of mass brewing machinery and the lack of proper training of the staff has degraded the quality of the end product.

The following recommendations can aid the business in strengthening its competitive advantage and improving quality and its operations management approach.

  1. The company can launch a new line of products which would cater to the health conscious customers who are looking for a healthy alternative for the Starbucks popular flavors and brews.
  2. The company can reduce the organic surcharge on its organic products and soy milk products to increase the consumption of such products in its target market as well as to decrease the price of the products to make them relatively more affordable for the customer
  3. Centralize the quality assurance, assessment and quality management function for the company in order to standardize a high level of service and product quality in its retail network.
  4. Train and develop the customer relations and service staff at the retail shops to facilitate and support high quality for product and the service provided to the customers.

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Essay: Recommendations for Starbucks Corporation
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