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The other recommendation that needs to be highlighted is that the companies seeking to operate in a lean manner and employ the just in time approach to the management of stocks and inventories should first consider investment in the relevant information system and communication system technology.

The high level of complex relationships that are required between the automobile manufacturers, the vendors, the suppliers and the transportation service providers are extensive and are based on the exchange of regular, real time based productivity and performance data. Similarly the supply chain management pertaining to the management of the supply side of the finished goods to the buyers presents necessary regular interactions between the automobile manufacture, the dealer and the transportation service providing agencies for the status and the update on the delivery of the products and the demand that is present in the market for the specific type and models of the motor vehicles. In order to manage such diverse type of data and implement controls for productivity management and quality assurance the company needs iterative communication technology which supports data transfer over public as well as private networks. The EDI form of technology for data interchange and transfer of very use full in the implementation of a truly lean and Toyota Production System oriented supply chain management system.

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Essay: Recommendations for Toyota Productions
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