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The research pertaining to the operation and the strategies of the two Portuguese companies, Unicer and SCC operating in the Beverage a, Alcohol, coffee, water and beer market have provided us with significant practical level application of the theories of internationalisation and management of international markets.

Both the companies are the market leaders in the regional market forPortugaland therefore there analysis provided us with advisable strategies.

The global market is lead by the alcohol, spirits and beer based brands giant called Anheuser-Busch which is anUSbased establishment. The Miller and Coors, SABMiller and Inbev follow Anheuser-Busch in the consequent leading positions. The Unicer and SCC Company as a result come under the following players in the market. They do not occupy positions of leadership. However their brands like Super Bock and Sagres occupy leading position inEurope. Moreover Unicer and its brands are much more popularly marketed and known in the international markets as compared to SCC.

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Essay: Recommendations of Research on Beverage Companies
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