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The paper also provided the benefits that are attained by the corporations through the use of special event based sponsorships. These benefits take the form of increased and better establishment of the reputation and the image of the corporation and its brands.

The sponsorships also provide the companies with a channel through which they can interact with their target market and their prospective clients. Aside from this the corporations are also able to practically display and depict the values for which they stand. Other benefits that are attained by the corporation take the form of tax cuts which are deducted from their earning tax if the donation is made to sponsor a public health, community betterment or development cause.


This study however is not specific to any industry or specific kinds of organization. Therefore it is important to realize that sponsorship for special events has different benefits for different types of industries and the companies operating in these industries. As a result prior to investing in a sponsorship program the corporation should study their objectives for establishing an associations with an organization, analysis the specific mutual benefits they will be attaining as well as perform a cost benefit analysis for the relationship in terms of its effects in the long term.

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Essay: Recommendations of Research on Corporate Sponsorship
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