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The functional requirements of the proposed system would be sought out and the proper documentation and analysis would be performed regarding functional requirements, functional specification, system specification and formal implementation of the project.

This e-commerce solution would be aimed at providing the customer rein over their accounts and would enable them to interact with the company and conduct transactions and process queries not only regarding their current accounts but the operations of the bank as a whole. This is more of a solution for the new age and would be more appreciated by the customers in the long run.

The problem however with this system lies with the fact that the process of developing a customized large scale system would be one which would require considerable investment of time and money. The time is the factor that the company does not have right now but if the company is to opt for future gains and actually increasing the reputation of the company while streamlining its operations then this is a more feasible option.

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Essay: Recommended Dever’s Solution for Lectrobank
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