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The solution provided by Paley for this problem focuses on reducing the nunber of interactions and levels between the customer and the operations of the company. As previously the customer request was passed down on an average of eight levels the prolems wre also arisng due to the noise in the communication process.

To eradicate this Paley proposd that a computer based technology should be placed at customer premises with which the customer would be directly able to record and sned their requests on to the operations department. In this way any communicat5ion erreor would be regarded as an error on the part of the customer and can be backed by a computer file as evidence as well. this will reduce the amount of responsibility and blame put on the company. Additionally he also stated that this option lets the customer now that they are in control of their actions which the company a more attractive entity for the customer

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Essay: Recommended Paley’s Solution for Lectrobank
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