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The main techniques, some of which that are already mentioned, that are used to lift finger prints are making casts of the finger prints through molds. This is mostly in the case of large foot prints or palm prints.

Aside from this the prints are also lifted on sticky plastic sheets used by forensic investigators. The latent prints are usually enhanced by the sue of fingerprinting power which has compounds which stick to the oils and the foreign objects in the prints, making the ridge details and pattern visible to the naked eye. Aside from this iron fillings are often used to lift finger prints as well. The information technology is also now used for the development and the recovery of the finger prints. There exist electronic scanners which record the finger prints and can scan them against other prints to identify the similarities. Aside form this black light scanners are also employed by forensic investigators to identify any latent finger prints.

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Essay: Recovery of Fingerprints
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