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The recruitment process for Wal-Mart specific to its operations in China will have to take into account the community demographics and characteristics as per the companies’ global work force diversity program. The company would need to know the community in which it wants to set up operations, and determine what percentage of minority people as well as those of different ethnicities reside. Similarly the company should also take into account the gender ratio in the area of residence and offer positions specific to the percentage of the diversified population in the community. Moreover the recruitment programs needs to cater to the traditional method of Chinese business operation and decision making while respecting the beliefs and the values the work force being recruited, as well as corresponding with the global human resource management function. “Market research into your potential recruitment pool; building a business case to influence line managers and other stakeholders as to the need to recruit for diversity; using a variety of communication channels to reach your target candidates; and rewarding employees when they successfully increase diversity through recruitment” (Tipper, 2004)

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Essay: Recruitment at Wal-Mart
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