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Reference groups tend to influence children in terms of guiding them in how to differentiate between brands and products and choose what’s beneficial for them. These reference groups can give the children positive as well as negative advice as purchase influences.

This is mostly because of the fact that reference influencers can be formal authorities who are knowledgeable on the product as well as celebrities who endorse the marketing of the product. In terms of the fast food industry the members of the reference group can include, parents, fellow friends as well as favorite celebrity and cartoon character whom the child might seek to copy or seek advice from. Moreover the reference groups can be intentional as when it comes to making decision for purchases by children.

The children however are of a different opinion and for most of them the reason as to why they liked fast food and specially burgers was mostly because they were delicious and ‘yummy’ according to the toddlers. Moreover they did not like the home cooked meals as they associated the vegetables to be bitter tasting. Also when asked whether they liked home cooked burgers or fast food vendor based burgers, they preferred the latter a they mentioned that it tasted much better. Moreover they liked they combination of milkshakes, drinks French fries and the burger.

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Essay: Reference Groups and Children Consumption
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